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Buy Outs


After visiting your property and viewing the contents to be sold, we will help you determine whether an on site sale is right for your situation. In cases where the value is low or there are fewer items to be sold,  we may offer a buy out of the property. In these cases, we will make you an offer for the contents. 

Why an Estate Buyout may be the best option for some people:

  1. Need to liquidate an estate quickly.  
  2. Want to raise cash immediately.
  3. Have only a brief amount of time to empty a house.
  4. Live in an association, a gated community, a facility, or an area that prohibits estate sales.
  5. Are unable to find an estate sale company willing or able to do an onsite sale for them.
  6. The estate is too modest to warrant an estate sale on its own, or the client only has a few items they wish to sell.
  7. The family, heirs, and/or executor does not wish to have a public estate sale.